Sump Pump Battery Backup Buyers Guide

People buying replacement batteries for battery backup sump pumps are often confused by the wide array of batteries available for battery backup sump pump systems and often can only compare by little more than price, without understanding there are big differences in performance and maintenance requirements between a $100 battery and a $250 battery. In […]

American Standard Champion Toilet Leak Repairs

American Standard Champion Toilet leaks have been an ongoing problem for them since their initial introduction as the toilet that would flush two dozen golf balls in a single flush. American Standard was right about the toilets flushing ability, the flush was a fantastic improvement over their older line of 1.6 gallon per flush toilets, […]

EdenPure Heater Maintenance And Safety Guide

The EdenPure Heater is used each year by many people to space heat used areas of their home helping them to keep the heat setting low throughout the home. This helps many people to save money on their heating bills. When getting ready for the heating season you should inspect the EdenPure Heater to make […]

How To Replace A Toilet Seat

Replacing a toilet seat in most cases is an easy task that just a few very basic hand tools. The toilet seats come in either a standard round or, elongated shape that fits almost all toilets made. Most toilets use the standard round or, elongated shaped seats and have bolts that go down through the […]

How To Rebuild A Water Heater

Rebuilding a water heater is often a way of extending the life of a tired electric water heater with parts that only cost about $100, and a couple of hours of your time. A sign that your water heater could use rebuilding is frequently running out of hot water when you always had enough before […]

How To Reset A Toilet

Resetting a loose, rocking or, leaking toilet by replacing the wax ring on a toilet is an easy task that most people can do themselves. With a few basic tools and inexpensive parts most people can reset a toilet themselves in about and hour. A toilet is in most cases sealed to the closet flange […]

iHeater Infrared Portable Heater Review

The iHeater infrared portable heater can save you up to 50% on your heating bills by allowing you to be comfortable in the room you are using while lowering the heat in the rest of the house. The iHeater uses 1500-watts worth titanium oxide coated elements that are UL Listed which will last about 60,000 […]

ABCD Which Pipe Wrench Is Right For Me?

If you are going to work on some plumbing in your home or, business and need to use a pipe wrench for the job you will need to know which pipe wrench to use. Using the right type of pipe wrench can make the job you are doing go much faster. The brand of your […]

The Drain Cleaner Found Roots In Your Sewer Line

The drain cleaner has found roots in your sewer line and you have been given the bad news The plumber told you the only way to get rid of the roots is to replace the sewer line. That is true, however, depending on the condition of your line and how many roots are coming into it […]

WeT HeaD Pump Repair Coupon Codes

If you you are having troubles with your pool or spa pump, you may have heard that you can change the bearings and seals inside for a fraction of the price of a new pump. Well, if you are looking for parts, videos and supplies, you can head on over to WeT HeaD Pump Repair […]

Does Family Dollar Sell Toilet Seats?

The Family Dollar stores sell a lot of items, but if you are wondering what plumbing supplies they sell then you can either call the store like we did, or continue reading this short but information articles that will tell you what plumbing supplies the family dollar near you carries. Some items may of course […]

Best Window Air Conditioners 2011

In our Best Window Air Conditioners 2011 we looked for Window Air Conditioners or, Room Air Conditioners, as they are commonly referred to that are Energy Star rated models that can cool a single room or multiple rooms, 200 sq. ft. to 700 sq. ft. in size. These air conditioners give people such as renters […]

The Roto Rooter Service Technician Rip Off

Service Technician is a term used by Roto Rooter to mislead the customer on the qualifications of the person they are sending to the customer’s house to perform plumbing repairs. In many cases Roto Rooter is sending a “Technician” instead of a “Licensed Plumber” to do the plumbing work, often in violation of state consumer […]

The Roto Rooter Whole House Special Scam

You’ve had a drain or, toilet back up and overflow then you called Roto Rooter to come and fix the problem. The mess was horrible! The basement bathroom had an overflowing shower and toilet, human waste was pouring out on the floor ,and smelled to high heavens. The Roto Rooter drain cleaning technician arrived and […]

Beware of the Roto Rooter Free Sewer Camera Inspection

Roto Rooter offers a “Free Camera Inspection” of the sewer line to many of their customers especially when a drain cleaning technician thinks the line has a problem or, the customer has experienced a “Callback” under the guarantee. The camera inspection is an excellent thing to have done on your sewer line when it is […]